This tradition of Luino market , which dates back to the dawn of the Renaissance : already in 1475 , in fact, there had been an attempt to get the opening of a market by the feudal lord luinese Giovanni Rusca , but the ' Masters ' of ducal revenue had an unfavorable opinion .
A few years later Giacomo Mandelli, Lord of the small manor of Maccagno , was able to obtain the grant of a weekly market, then decided to extend the concession to Luino programming that the market will take place every other week in the two countries .

The situation continued so until the counts Rusca Luino did not ask for the intervention of Count Giacomo Mandelli you to intercede for them before the Emperor Carlo V to also grant the privilege granted to their village in Maccagno. The Count Giacomo supports the petition and September 5, 1541 , the emperor decreed that Luino you can keep cattle market , cereals and products of various kinds.

The market is held today in the city center and has 374 stalls selling well . The market experienced its greatest development with the construction of the railway.

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