Museums and Exhibitions
Art and Nature are the twin glories of the Lake Maggiore area, and  the numerous museums recording the history and culture of the area often stand in a beautiful natural setting by the lake or in the nearby mountains and hills.
The Landscape Museum in Verbania Pallanza, founded with the intention of highlighting the scenic beauty of the Lake Maggiore area through art, contains a large collection of paintings, sculptures and objects of archaeological interest. In Santa Maria Maggiore in the Vigezzo Valley, known as the “Painters’ Valley”, the Rossetti Valentini Museum has a fine collection of works by the many excellent artists who have worked in the valley. 
Unusual museums include the Hat Museum in Ghiffa and the Umbrella Museumin Gignese.
Two more modern museums on Lake Orta are the Museum of Design and theMuseum of Taps, both definitely worth a visit, while ancient traditions and customs are on display in the Museum of the Mountains in Macugnaga and the Museum of Woodworking in the Strona Valley.
Art exhibitions are also regularly held in the museums.

Folklore and Traditions
The main feauture of the Lake Maggiore is a mix of cultures and people: the Walser peoples, for instance, coming from the nearby Switzerland, have settled in the Anzasca Valley as well as in the Formazza Valley.
These traditions are celebrated all year throughfolkore feasts dedicated to religious festivities, local costumes and food.
Among them, the San Bernardo Fair in Macugnaga, the Raduno degli Spazzacamini (chimney sweep day) in Santa Maria Maggiore, the wine and food festival Festa della Beata Panacea in Ghemme and last but not least, the Underwater Nativity Scene in Laveno Mombello.

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